This top 10 most dangerous job list will give you a different perspective and respect for people in these professions. Some of these become dangerous, others can shock you with high death rates, they can pay the job well, but is it worth the risk?

1. Electrical power-line installer and repairer

Electrical power-line installer and repairer

Only 50 volts can kill a person, the deadly power line can take 800 000 volts and kill thousands of people. Imagine climbing 50 meters and two things to be kept in mind. 1. Do not fall. 2. Do not switch wrong. These two mistakes can end their life in a matter of seconds.

2. Truck drivers

Truck drivers

This work is very dangerous due to two things: Very long distance travel and dangerous roads Some of them are on small roads found on mountains, which are not made for trucks, but truck drivers are still Has been forced to walk on. Others like Trollstigen, Norway, Icy and Slippery (such as the James Dalton Highway, Alaska Road) and the truck driver can not only break through their heavy trucks that can cross their fingers

3. War Zone reporter

War Zone reporter

A humble reporter was forced to go in the midst of a dangerous battlefield so that he could get the best shots. Wearing a «press» logo on the chest and hoping that they will not get shot in action, they can do all that.

4. Police Officers

Police Officers

Unfortunately they are probably not the most popular public servants in many parts of the world, and yes, corruption is real…but some people really do put their lives on the line for others.

5. Coal miner

Coal miner

A coal miner has to work on an average of 12 hours per day in very dangerous situations every day. Space is very narrow, you can barely see anything and because of the thick coal dust you may have trouble breathing. Breathing in this dust alone can be lethal and you have to know that the meter meter burglar above me may suddenly fall. If you are lucky, you die instantly, if not, you can get trapped and gradually die from hunger.  

6. Firefighters


From rushing into burning buildings to digging ditches in the middle of the Australian Outback, firefighters aren’t know for having the safest jobs in the world.

7. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

Their fatal injury rate was slightly more than 40 per 100,000. 

8. Oil rigger

Oil rigger

9. Microchip Manufacturer

Microchip Manufacturer

We all enjoy having our laptops and phones, but they come at a high cost for those who produce them. A number of hazardous chemicals like arsenic are used to produce computer chips. While microchips do not bring an immediate fatal outcome, the long-term effects include miscarriage, birth defects, respiratory diseases, and cancer.

10. Deep Sea Fishermen

Deep Sea Fishermen

Here’s a classic. It actually used to be the most dangerous job on most lists, especially Alaskan crab fisherman. Between high seas, long nights, freezing temperatures, and lots of moving parts there is almost nothing more dangerous.


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