Meet Ekaterina Lisina – The Woman With Longest Legs In The World .

Whilst Ekaterina  Lisina regarded on a information show for her first interview after she turned into titled 'the longest pair of legs within the global' by way of the Guinness  book .The television anchors had to use ladders to reach up to her. The 29-year-old Russian version is 6 .9 ft  in tall and out of that her lengthy legs account for  52 .4  inches. Her new located fame has additionally bagged her a role in Hollywood, now not speak me about all the male attention that she is getting.  Lisina has been branded as 'the most important toes for a woman' and wears a united kingdom size 12 shoes.

Lisina has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records 2018 for having the longest legs in the world.

She is a former professional basketball player and has also won an Olympics bronze medal.

She will be debuting in a movie named 'Rugby Girls'

The movie will be screened in two years at the World Cup in Japan and the shooting will take place in England.

Lisina confessed that she has been getting way too much male attention since the last few days.

Lisina says that she faces a lot of problems while travelling in airplanes.

She is never given a seat near the emergency exit or in business class.


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