“At the hospital, I lost my leg but didn't lose my heart, I decided that I would live my life with dignity and self -respect so that people don't look at me with pity.” - Arunima

Arunima Sinha is the first amputee woman to have climbed the Everest. The first time she climbed was on 21st of May 2013.  But before making the record, she was a national level volleyball player, making the country proud. You then ask why did she climb the Everest? What was it that led her to leave a career and turn into scaling a mountain like Everest? An incident in 2011  when she was just twenty-four years old, changed her life permanently. She was pushed out by a moving train by some worthless goons which resulted in Arunima losing her one leg.

“I decided then and there that I would do something to prove myself. And mountaineering was the only option. It was the only option where there were no chances of saying sorry. If you committed a mistake, life would be the one saying sorry to you," she says.

Tragic Incident

Although her passion for sports was alive, she needed a job because of her modest family situation. Without a father, Arunima had her mother and her siblings to take care of. Getting a job had become mandatory and a necessity for the brave girl. It was this thirst that got her to the city of dreams, Mumbai. After getting selected in CSIF, Arunima thought that her career would kick start with a bang. But never did she imagine that her life would turn upside down when she boarded  Padmavat train, general compartment. Some goons picked up a fight with her and, as bad luck would have it, none came to her rescue while she was being tossed out of the train onto another track. It was the matter of seconds when a train ran over her leg. This day changed her life forever!

The Determination In Her Was Lit up

The Determination In Her Was Lit up

It's hard enough for us to imagine a life as an amputee but climbing a mountain seems almost impossible for you and me. But Arunima did not have a leg like the rest of us but she had something more - her iron will and super strong determination. She was very strong by her will and her mental strength overcame her disability. We read about people doing extraordinary things, but Arunima is the testimony of such a thing.

The Practice Period Was Not Easy

For the next two years, she trained continuously in a mountain by Srijani Ganguly in mountain regions. There was no break, no turning back or quitting. Nothing could waver her from her goal. Her first feat on the way to the summit was wrought with injury. She was so happy to have reached the base camp that she lost her balance and fell to the ground, injuring herself in the process. Her process, her journey in the cold mountain was not easy.

It was said that she struggled a lot during the climb and sometimes she was also seen as a reason for the delay for the summit. But she did not dither from her goal. She plunged when needed and she knew if she hadn't jumped it only meant death. But this woman was brave. Climbing had become a passion for her and she overcame all the hurdles to reach the top. Like us, she too believed that the view from the top is beautiful but unlike us, she experienced it.

"I wanted to tell everyone that I'm on top of the world, especially to those people who thought a woman and an amputee couldn't do it. I took off my mask and screamed, and my sherpa just stared at me." - Arunima

A Living Example Of Following Your Heart

When you are on top, nothing else matters. You forget the struggles, you forget the pain. It's just the fact that you made it - that matters. But we will not forget her struggles, her pain, and how she stuck to her words. Passion Connect is proud of Arunima and she is an inspiration to our passion readers.

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