There is a different meaning of success for everyone. Some people summarize success with keeping more money, while making the success of what they think to fulfill with the happiness of others and the choice of their lives.

There is a different meaning of success for everyone. Our brain is wired to follow the path that requires less resistance but the truth is that there is no shortcut, success does not need to achieve only one goal or destination, but a mentality that is on development and progress Depends on, as you work your way. 

Over time, people have developed a wrong definition of success, but it is safe to say that the most successful people in the world maintain some habits and help them to become today's person, being one of them, Ratan Bye.

 Ratan Tata is one of the leading Indian industrialists and also a former chairman of Tata Group companies. 

Even after retirement, Ratan Tata continues to enlighten us with his advice and wisdom, serving as a guiding force for all. 


Nothing ever gets served to us in a plate. We have to work hard for it. You cannot achieve success by just hoping or dreaming of it. 

Those people who value hard work, like Ratan Tata himself, are fit and lead fulfilling lives.

 It’s because things didn’t just fall right into their lap. They challenged themselves with hardwork, set ambitious goals and strived for them. This is what makes them so unique.

Maintain your humility

 He said, 'The founders should be humble. They think that everything can be kissing of death. They should not pay any attention to any person who is trying to start a similar business. 

'No matter how rich and famous it is, Ratan Tata never let materialistic things come in his head. According to him, being humble he has got this far. He has made the same humble attitude with the people, regardless of their position. 


Trust is based on integrity and what is it and all relations are put together.It’s a feeling of security based on the simple belief that something or someone is reliable and knowledgeable. In order to achieve goals, leaders in all contexts must build a relationship of trust.

Value of work

No job is too small or too big. It’s the value of work that matters. Infact, Ratan Tata’s first job was to shove stones and coals in furnaces when h started working in Tata Steel division. His advice is to give your best in whatever you do with full dedication. 

Life will always throw multiple challenges at you but the only way to survive them is to face them.


If you fear failing more than you crave success, life will become pretty hard for you. 

Fear will make you lose out on many opportunities, opportunities that might have turned your life around. 

Ratan Tata says fear is inevitable but we shouldn’t let it overpower us.

Facing challenges

Life will always surprise you with challenges.

Some might make you struggle and the only way to confront these challenges is to hit them right back. 

Take charge and face these challenges with extreme zest and intelligence.


Time is very precious and only fortunate people have already been too late before understanding this. 

Sitting idle and indulging in things that do not enhance your learning is what Ratan Tata regards as unfortunate. 

Every day you have the opportunity to learn about unique things. Seize the opportunity. 

Do not let valuable time go to waste. Invest your time in something that will prove beneficial for you in the future.

The courage to face reality

'What do you oppose.' Ratan Tata says that it is best to resist the reality of the situation and to stop accepting it as things are best. It is true that you should be convinced about the things that should confront the conflicts and failures that come with them. This is the only way to move forward

Self Assessment

Nobody knows you better than yourself, this is the reason that the only assessment that is about you. 

This is Ratan Tata's first tip on the success of Tata, according to him, you can make better decisions about your strengths, abilities and your weaknesses. 

By doing this, you can choose the opportunities that are best for you.


Intuition can greatly intensify the power and effectiveness of decision making. 

Leaders like Ratan Tata have relied extensively on perception from their experience and their intuition.


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