Make sure you cover the base and you are making sure of the person with whom you have decided to share your remaining life. I am an urgent, and I think before I do something or say something to someone. I am sure most people do the same, but what is good for this, if it is not used better?

Here is a list of things that you should actually think before you jump and get into a relationship.

1. spend Time together

spend Time together

Spend time together about mutual or personal goals, thoughts about the worldly and not so many worldly issues. Pickup a topics  and get out in the air, takeout your thoughts and get your thoughts .You want to discover things later and repent, "I want to know that I knew."

2. Maintain relationships with friends and family

Maintain relationships with friends and family

I know a relationship is about twopeople but sometimes some other people also get involved and it is veryimportant to note that everyone is comfortable with everything.   

3. It is vital to get more from your EX

It is vital to get more from your EX

First of all, it is not necessary totalk or not to talk with your ex after you leave them and get into anotherrelationship. We must always make it a point that we close the existing chapterand then start with the new one. It is Vital to get more from your ex if youare considering to be in a relationship and allow a new individual to enteryour life. 

4. Take some time to think for yourself

Take some time to think for yourself

If the other person cares and wants towork on a long-term relationship then he / she will be willing to address yourworries.

5. The weight of professionals and opposition

The weight of professionals and opposition

Take your time and make a decision.Remember the weight of all the professionals and the opposition that it isbetter to improve the break-off, while less pain than the latter level when youare on everyone's head and deep in the throat relationship. Although we do notwant to do this, apply yourself to delving deeply so that you can take care offlowers with flowers and take care of both of you and come for a fruit!

6. Do not be afraid to ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions

Do not hesitate to explore your fear orexpress your doubts. Be open on this last relationship, income, family,physical or emotional aspects, tilt, preferences, and anything you feel thatyou need to know, friends, go ahead and talk about it. Under the sun,everything from money matters to career path, in place of living, familybonding, conceptual and emotional issues, everything should be discussed.

7. Do not Become 'SellFish'

Do not Become 'SellFish'

Discard that phone. You are consideringspending the rest of your life with another living person. Don't be a cellphone zombie!

Appreciate, acknowledge, accept thefacts that you know about each other and become completely honest. You want towelcome the other person with your past, shortcomings and all other qualitiesin your life, that are either positive or negative, just make sure that both ofyou clearly know what each person is about and Which relationship do you wantto build or move forward

8. Entertainment is necessary between each other.

Entertainment is necessary between each other.

Watching movies together hand in hand is definitelyromantic but will not help solve the existential issues. While doing so youwant but spend time together and talk.

Going to movies, parties and wine eveningsand posting pictures on social media may be exciting but that is not going tohelp. In fact, the pressure of flaunting yourself as a couple will come in theway of getting to know each other better.


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