Beauty is subjective and often becomes a matter of controversy. Some consider standards of beauty to be a healthy blush and full sensual lips; others are crazy about pale skin and refined facial features. Yet all the arguments fade away when it comes to children’s beauty.

Bright Side will show you children who, thanks to their appearance and charming magic, have become famous to almost the whole world.

1. Nikia Phoenix

American model Nikia Phoenix stands out from other people thanks to herdark skin, natural hair, and the freckles covering her entire body. The younglady’s unusual appearance was noticed by one of the membersof the Alternative Apparel company, which produces branded clothes, whenNikia went to drink a cup of coffee in a smallcafe. She has since become the public face of advertising campaignsby Coca-Cola and Target.

2. Stephen Thompson

An American guy, Stephen Thompson, never dreamedof a modeling career. But one day, fate pushed him into contact witha photographer who was struck by Stephen’s extraordinary appearance.He took a few pictures, and they were printedin a magazine — and so the story of Thompson’s successbegan. His photos are now ever-present on the pages of fashionmagazines, and he’s in demand for the advertising campaignsof leading brands. In 2011, the handsome albino man became theface of the Givenchy fashion house.

3. Winnie Harlow

Meet a Canadian fashion model, spokesperson, and activist. She gainedprominence as a contestant on the twenty-first cycle of the U.S. televisionseries America’s Next Top Model while having a prominent form of the skincondition vitiligo. People with this condition mostly hide their bodies, bitnot Winnie.

4. Ava Clarke

When Ava was just 1 month old, her parents noticed something weird abouttheir girl. Her skin was too fair with blue eyes on it and her hair was blond.Why could this seem weird? Both parents were African Americans. And they dideverything to make their albino daughter a celebrity – a model and an actress.

5. Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop is a 19-years-old Senegalese woman who was noticedby an agency and offered work in the modeling business. Now shehas conquered the Internet with her stunning photos, which have brought hermore than 235,000 followers on Instagram. Khoudia inspires othersto accept their individuality: "If you’re luckyto be unlike others, never change!"

6. Anastasia Zhidkova

Nastya Zhidkova, who’s been called the most beautiful albino girlin the world, was born in Russia in 1996. This youngand extraordinary model has changed the face of fashion and the beautyindustry in Russia. Nastya is also a talented singer,who often shares her work on YouTube.

7. Lola Chuil

More than 464,000 people follow this schoolgirl’s life on Instagram(though she has only 39 posts!). Lola lives in Los-Angeles, studiesin high school, and speaks 8 languages. She has a very unusualform of beauty: coal-black skin and elegant lips, nose and eyes, whichsometimes look as though they’ve been painted. Lola’s followerscompare her to the young Naomi Campbell, and predict that she will havea successful career as a top model.

8. Anastasia Zhidkova

Anastasia Zhidkova

This Russian girl never suffered from low self-esteem. She always knew shewas beautiful. No wonder her modeling career started when she was a kid. Peopleare ready to pay for working


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